How to improve the potency and return to a full sexual life?

Cialis is the most famous drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is related to the fact that Cialis was invented not so long ago. If you want to find out more about this drug, you should read our article to the end. Cialis was created in the USA.

However, now it is sweeping the world, placing the legendary Viagra in the background. The men from many European countries, New Zealand and Australia have already experienced the effect from the use of Cialis.

What is the uniqueness of Cialis? Firstly, in contrast to the other similar drugs, Cialis acts for 36 hours!

It is a record for such drug. As soon as the new drug appears on the market, it starts to pass the clinical trials. To date, Cialis has successfully passed more than 60 of them. More than 4000 men of different age participated in these trials (some of them were over 80!) According to these test, more than 80% of men experienced the positive effect from the use of Cialis.

They also noted the lack of side effect. The standard dosage of Cialis is 20 mg (one pill). It is very easy to remember. One pill of Cialis tadalafil will provide stable erection for at least one day.

Cialis tadalafil is very comfortable to use, as you can take the pill in the daytime, and have sex only in the evening. Cialis affect some chemicals, which relax the muscles and improve the blood flow to the penis.

Can everybody take Cialis?

Avoid using Cialis, if you’re taking the drugs that contain nitrates (such drugs are prescribed to the patients with heart diseases). You should use Cialis with special caution if you had allergy to any drugs.

Can I take Cialis without prescription?

If you have no liver/kidney problems, cardiovascular diseases, priapism or penis deformations, you can take Cialis tadalafil without consulting your doctor. However, it’s highly inadvisable, as you may be unaware of your heart problems.

Never combine Cialis 36 hour pills with the similar drugs. If you’re taking any other drugs, you should inform your doctor, as Cialis 36 hour pills can impact their effectiveness, and vice versa. Generic Cialis doesn’t affect the speed of reaction, color perception and other senses.

Warning! In some cases, cheap Cialis may cause migraine headaches, indigestion or muscle pain. If you note these side effects after the use of Cialis, you should stop the treatment and contact your doctor.

This drug is not recommended for the men under the age of 18. However, it’s not a full list of persons who should use Cialis with special caution and only under the medical supervision.

If the patient has severe kidney diseases, only the qualified specialist can make a decision about prescribing cheap Cialis. Another warning: before using the drug, you should find out the necessary dosage and buy Cialis online with the proper amount of active substance, as the pills must not be crushed.

Generic Cialis is used for the normalization of potency in men who complain about the lack of erection or weak erection that doesn’t allow them to have sex.

This drug is also effective in case of absolute absence of erection, as well as weak or unstable erection. Such dysfunction is often caused by the malfunctioning of the human body and psychological reasons. Anyway, this drug effectively fights impotency.

The common dosage of Cialis is 20 mg. The pill must be swallowed whole (without crushing or chewing). You can take it with water, irrespective of the mealtime. Take the drug before the supposed sexual activity. Its action starts 30 minutes after the intake.

During this time, you can have sex as many times as you want. The drug dose doesn’t depend on the man’s age. Older men must stick to the same dose as the young ones. Moreover, there are no special indications for the patients with impaired kidney/liver activity.

This drug must not be used by the patients who had a heart attack or a stroke in the last 3 months.